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How Barcode Labeling Can Benefit You:

Applying barcodes enables you to easily track production across your entire facility. When you scan the barcode you can instantly gather real-time data on your production process. Barcoding is also ideal for warehousing or maintaining specific inventory. If efficiently tracking your production and inventory is important in your business barcode labeling is a must.

Our Barcode Labeling Systems allow you to take product tracking to a whole new level. Our systems permit you to customize the barcode label to add information such as, date/time, product, weight, customer and many more.

Features and Benefits:

  • Apply labels manually or automatically depending on your product line type
  • Implementing barcodes can significantly improve data efficiency and logistics tracking
  • Easy to understand menus minimize training
  • Employees work faster, more efficiently and thereby increase accuracy
  • Barcode labeling permits virtually limitless tracking capabilities inside your facility

Main components of a manual barcode label printing system

  • Optional Preidentification Scanner/Method to identify chaotic product being set on the scale
  • Static Scale to determine box weight
  • System Controller to calculate net weight, format label and send information to the printer
  • Optional Touchscreen HMI permits user to easily interface with the system
  • Printer that prints the barcode on the label

Main components of an automatic barcode label printing system

  • Optional case/box indexer to align and space and release the product into the automatic system
  • Optional Preidentification Scanner/Method to automatically identify chaotic product entering the system
  • In-Motion Conveyor Scale to determine box weight as the box travels across the scale
  • System Controller to identify product tare, calculate net weight, format label, update production totals, and send information to the printer/applicator
  • Conveyor to transport boxes past printer/applicator
  • Printer/Applicator to print the barcode label with weight data and apply the label to the case/box
  • Barcode Verification Scanner to ensure barcode label is readable on the case
  • Divert Mechanism to reject boxes that do not meet customer criteria  (i.e. unreadable barcode, out of range weight with low/high weight value verification, comparison verification to preidentification label)

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Barcode Labeling Software Features:

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