Angled-Roller Belting and Applying Labels

What is Angled-Roller Belting? Angled-roller belting is a belt that can move a package to one side (left or right) of a conveyor, while simultaneously moving the package forward. So why is angled roller belting useful? Having boxes along a common edge is vital for processes such as label printing/application, barcode scanning and box turning/redirection. The image below shows angled roller belting with a guide rail. The belt moves in the direction of green arrows, which carries the box/case forward. However, the rollers¬†(blue arrows) will push the box against the guide rail so all boxes are presented along a common edge. The image below shows boxes moving past a printer and scanner. The boxes are directed against the adjustable guide rail so they are a consistent distance from the label applicator. Angled Roller Belting with Printer and Labeling System-PDF Angled roller¬†belting allows boxes to be presented in a consistent fashion … Continue reading Angled-Roller Belting and Applying Labels