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There, you can set default values for all parameters, namely:
  1. The maximum number of items to display.
  2. Whether to show the excerpt.
  3. The maximum number of words that the excerpt should be.
  4. Whether to display the post’s thumbnail.
  5. The width and height of the post’s thumbnail.

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The plugin supports a shortcode that can be used in individual posts and pages, as well as a function call that can be used more permanently within the themes. Both the function call and the shortcode, support the same features, although the shortcode does not require a particular order for the supported parameters. There is also a function that just returns the related posts, and then it’s up to you to implement your display logic, exactly the way you want it. We purposely left out the ability to have a permanent heading showing up before the list of links, so that you can have total control over the output. Don’t want a heading? Don’t write one. Want one? Write it then. Too much of a hassle to always write a heading in each post? Use the theme function! [slideshow_deploy id='8264'] This plugin allow to build relation between 2 custom types (posts, page, custom), very useful for manage related content on CMS type website. A few example use cases:
  • manually lists of related posts
  • post series
  • rented houses connected to agency
  • etc.
Relationships are created from a settings page from the administration console. This plugin can not do relationships with users, you should test this excellent plugin made by scribu

See how we saved a client $169,539 in one year with an In-Motion Checkweigher (2-Page Case Study).


In-Motion Checkweighers can automatically adjust filler rates or line speeds to reduce product giveaway and significantly reduce package rework.

This particular customer processed ground beef into loafs and

  • reduced their package rework from 20% to less than 2% resulting in a package savings of $67,539 annually
  • reduced acceptable weight range from 1.025-lbs to 1.014-lbs yielding a savings of $102,000 annually
  • They also saved significant labor, which was not factored in
  • experienced a payback in a matter of weeks!

See how our checkweighers work in this amazing video.

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