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Pitless Truck Scales offer a lower cost alternative to in-ground truck scales. Our scales have a low profile and offer easy maintenance compared with most truck scales.

Features and Benefits:

  • low profile for ease of use
  • high accuracy to meet state requirements
  • customizable to your exact needs
  • all steel construction
  • minimal scale movement reduces load-cell wear


Truck Scale Options:




Approaches10-ft flat and level10-ft flat and level
ServiceUsually more costly due to confined area restrictions, which can often require gas detection and operator safety harnessesLess difficult and costly and serviced from the scale deck
Clean OutManually and time consuming. Usually done bucket by bucket.Quick and easy - often completed with a water or air hose from the side
Scale InspectionMust occur from inside the pitPerformed by simply walking around the perimeter of the scale
RampsNoneApproximately 25-ft on each side. More real estate is required.
Electricity RequirementsRequired for pit lights and sump pump of no gravity drain is presentNone
Snow RemovalVery easy since scale is level with the groundDifficult since scale is not level with the ground - snow getting underneath scale can cause accuracy issues
CostMore expensive due to additional ground work, concrete and reinforcing steel that is neededLess expensive since less construction materials are required

Truck Scales Brochure

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