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Your poultry slaughter plant needs accurate carcass weights. We set the standard for in-motion poultry monorail scale accuracy. We have been in the carcass weighing business for more than 45 years now. A WeighMore® in-motion poultry monorail scale gives you accurate reliable carcass weighments every time.

The top 5 reasons our poultry monorail scales are your best choice:

  1. Exceptionally high accuracy
  2. Chain speeds up to 10,800 drafts / hr.
  3. Reduced trolley rolling or push dog problems
  4. Smallest possible scale divisions
  5. Easy installation

The monorail scale structure utilizes heavy stainless steel construction. The load cells are sealed to repel water from the weight sensors. The monorail scale system includes a modified weight indicator which works in conjunction with the monorail structure to perform multi-weighment averaging of the analog signals.

Accurate monorail scales save you money. A certified monorail scale will make you money with accurate and reliable carcass weight.

Contact us today and get started saving money!

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