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The information below describes the actions occurring as a box moves from left to right.

Boxes, or cases, can be automatically moved to a specific side by using angled roller belt on the infeed conveyor design. This design feature will move all boxes along the edge so the boxes are a consistent distance from the label applicator for proper labeling after the scale. Correct spacing must still be accomplished.

The Case Indexer ensures all boxes are presented consistently for weighing.  It must ensure the proper spacing of boxes exist so 2 boxes are not on the scale at the same time during the weighing cycle.

The Scale Infeed Conveyor ensures the boxes are moving at a constant speed as they transfer onto the conveyor scale.

The photoeye sensors on the Conveyor Scale will start and stop the weighment cycle at the correct point. This weight information is then sent to the system controller.  While the weighing process is active, an optional barcode preidentification scanner can be used to automatically identify the type of product during chaotic product box flow.

The System Controller takes weight information from the conveyor scale and the product ID information from either the preidentification scanner or operator input, and looks up product parameters including box tare to determine the information needing to be printed on the label.  The label information is then sent to the printer applicator for automatic label generation.

The Printer within the printer applicator will then print a label with bar code data.  This label is automatically placed onto a case once the box reaches the proper position in front of the applicator.

A Verification Barcode Scanner reads the previously printed and applied barcode label and stores the information in the system controller as verified production if the proper parameters are met. If proper parameters are not met, the system controller will automatically signal the divert to reject the offending box.

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