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5 qualities5 Qualities to Look for in a Custom Equipment Supplier

You need a partner for life…here are 5 qualities to seek out. 

  1. Experience – Your facility is a complex network of processes, equipment and personnel. Only a company with decades of experience can really determine the best fit for new equipment. Extensive experience allows the supplier to understand the big picture and ensure the proposed equipment helps achieve your goals.
  2. Talks about the Details – A sure-fire way to understand if your supplier really knows what they are talking about is to ask them to explain a process, in detail. Anyone who really understands their equipment or your scenario can do this with relative ease. In addition, suppliers who really understand your scenario are able to talk about it from multiple angles.
  3. Have the Heart of a Teacher – A supplier should never act like they are above you in any way. They should be patient and work with you to ensure you are comfortable with their proposal. Never let them give you an answer that sounds good, but you really don’t understand. You need to understand their thought process every step of the way.
  4. Asks a lot of Questions – Good suppliers will ask a lot of questions. In fact sometimes, it can seem overwhelming, but they want to make sure that their product will be a right fit for your facility. If you find a potential supplier who is talking more about their company/product, than asking the right questions, you need to be on alert.
  5. Asks about Your Goals – One thing many custom suppliers miss is to really understand your primary goals. It is easy to get bogged down in the details, which are important, but having a supplier really understand your long term goals can help your business move to the next level.